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DataZone Hasselt
Trichterheidweg 2, B-3500 Hasselt                    
T: +32 11 56 66 94



DataZone Hasselt is built and operated to provide you with a resilient and always-available hosting environment. We understand that outsourcing mission-critical IT systems involves trust. This governs the principles on which we design and maintain our data centres. As such they are built to the highest standards, we offer a high levels of physical and environmental resilience and are protected against fire and power outage. DataZone used computerised Building Management Systems (BMS) that monitor and remotely operate sensors covering electrical, mechanical, fire detection and leak detection systems.

Redundant Power

To ensure continuous operation, DataZone has access to redundant high-capacity power supplies, scalable for future expansion. DataZone provides Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and standby diesel generators capable of supporting the site indefinitely in the unlikely event of a failure of grid-power.

Air conditioning, water cooling

We take cooling very seriously at DataZone and use a fully-redundant air conditioning. In addition we use hot aisles/cold aisle designs, or innovate containment solutions for the best cooling. Energy efficiency has been at the forefront of the design and build of our data centre. DataZone has benefit from free cooling systems which enable significant savings when the external ambient temperatures fall below a certain level.


DataZone is designed as "buildings within buildings," and is protected around the clock by monitored video surveillance cameras. No one enters or leaves without proof of identity, and all visitors are checked against customer-defined access lists. All building areas are secured by an alarm system, and an external security firm patrols the area, both inside and outside.

Fire detection and supression

Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) or alternative sophisticated detection technology is installed in the DataZone facility. These highly sensitive two-stage smoke detectors are linked to the BMS and monitored continually. In the unlikely event of a fire, we have environmentally-friendly gas-based or water mist fire suppression systems that quickly entinguish any fire. The systems is designed to minimise any disruption and ensure that any minor problem remains localised.