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DataZone Hasselt
Trichterheidweg 2, B-3500 Hasselt                    
T: +32 11 56 66 94

About us

Who is DataZone

DataZone has been created to supply the demand for high quality and affordable datacenter capacity in the Hasselt area. Our goal is to create a highly efficient, green datacenter build upon reliable, proven technologies. We offer innovative hosting and housing services of the highest quality. This innovative housing and hosting solutions will be maintained by a professional support team 24/7/365. DataZone is just minutes away from the city center of Hasselt and Genk, less than 1 hour from Brussels and close to the border of the Netherlands and Germany. DataZone stays within the IBM norm of maximum 80 KM. All datacenter in brussels ( Interxion, LCL, Global Crossing and Level 3) are less than 80 KM away. DataZone ensures that companies always have a high quality hosting and housing solution available.

Datacenter setup

There are three aspects which are essential for operating a high availability datacenter like DataZone.


To provide this high availability setup the world's leading company for uninterruptable power supply NEWAVE, has setup their new type of UPS. Emergency power is provided by a N+1 Caterpiller generator. The fuel tank supports up to 48 hours of power supply before additional fuel needs to be added. As with all datacenters nearly half of the incoming power is converted into heat DataZone uses Uniflair airconditioning units, one of the market leaders for high end cooling in IT environments. DataZone is connected through a fully redundant path to the BNIX. DataZone can offer you a broad variety of connectivity from 4 different fibre providers.

Open and honest

At DataZone we operate from the belief that a successful business relationship is based on mutual trust. From this point of view we openly communicate with our clients about anything related to the daily datacenter operation. Likewise we invite clients to ask us any questions they might have and we will answer without any vague descriptions or excuses. Our idea of being open doesn't stop at communication. With a large glass wall in front of our powerhouses and meet me rooms, plus a clear view of the top of each suite where the airco units and generators are placed ensures clients can see all of the quality equipment DataZone uses.

DataZone works closely with it's partner LA Netwel. The many years of construction and maintenance experience of LA Netwel in the datacenter world brings DataZone a extra benefit to ensure the safety and service offered to our customers.

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Maintenance UPS system

Don't hesitate to contact us for a 'live' tour in our datacenter!