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DataZone Hasselt
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Colocation & Rackspace

DataZone offers a variety of colocation services. From 1/4 racks up to full secure suites. Each suite is configured for optimal use of the available space. Due to power capacity and state of the art cooling systems we can offer each rack with up to 32 Amp (7,5 kW) of power. No longer will you be forced to use half filled racks due to power or cooling limitations. At DataZone each rack can be filled to maximum capacity. DataZone uses standard 19" racks that are 46U high. Power supplies for each rack are managed by powerbars. Each rack can be offered with 2 seperate power feeds (short break/no break)


At DataZone we offer shared rackspace starting at 1/4 up to complete 46U racks. Standard rackspace is shared with other dataZone clients. With single units switches are provided by DataZone. At a quarter rack or more clients have to provide their own switches.

Secure rackspace

From 1/4 racks and up DataZone can offer secure rackspace. This means your cabinet is locked and that your servers cannot be accessed by anyone but you and DataZone staff. As with all our services we can offer up to 32 Amp per rack, so you can use all the rackspace that is available to you.

Secure suites

If your company handles sensitive data or your server capacity has reached the point where shared suites are no longer desirable, DataZone can offer secure suites starting at 16 racks. Private suites are only accesible with specific keycards, this ensures that your physical servers are 100% secure all the time.